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Third International Policy Conference on the African Child
African Child Policy Forum (ACPF), 12 May 2008

UNICEF: Consolidated donor report 2007 Mozambique
The United Nations Children¬?s Fund (UNICEF), Feb 2008

AIDS epidemic update: December 2007
UNAIDS and World Health Organisation (WHO), Dec 2007

The Dar es Salaam Statement on linking poverty, wealth and ecology in Africa
World Council of Churches, 9 Nov 2007

South Africa: Community Survey 2007
Statistics South Africa, 24 Oct 2007

Addressing the employment-poverty Nexus in Kenya: Comparing cash-transfer and job-creation programmes
Eduardo Zepeda, United Nations Development Programme (UNDP), International Poverty Centre (IPC), Oct 2007

Strengthening women's assets and status: Programs improving poor women's lives
John Ambler, Lauren Pandolfelli, Anna Kramer, and Ruth Meinzen-Dick, Oxfam / International Food Policy Research Institute (IFPRI), Oct 2007

The world's most deprived: Characteristics and causes of extreme poverty and hunger
Akhter U. Ahmed, Ruth Vargas Hill, Lisa C. Smith, Doris M. Wiesmann, and Tim Frankenberger , International Food Policy Research Institute (IFPRI), Oct 2007

Letter from the President: MDGs - defences against the tsunami of world poverty
Thabo Mbeki, President of South Africa, 21 Sep 2007

The impact of unconditional cash transfers on nutrition: The South African child support grant
Jorge M. Ag√ľero, Michael R. Carter, Ingrid Woolard, International Poverty Centre (IPC), United Nations Development Programme (UNDP), Sep 2007

Mapping multilateral Development Banks' reproductive health and HIV/AIDS spending
Suzanna Dennis and Elaine Zuckerman, Gender Action, Sep 2007

The state of responsible business: Global corporate response to environmental, social and governance (ESG) challenges
Ethical Investment Research Services (EIRIS), Sep 2007

African Peer Review Mechanism (APRM): South Africa Country Review Report
African Peer Review Mechanism (APRM), Sep 2007

Reclaiming SADC for peoples solidarity and development: Let the People Speak - Communique of the SADC People's Summit
Southern African People¬?s Solidarity Network (SAPSN), 16 Aug 2007

Poverty trends since the transition: What we know
Servaas van der Berg, Megan Louw, Leon du Toit, Department of Economics, Stellenbosch University, Aug 2007

Spotlight on development: Towards the Millennium Development Goals
Andrew Harris, Editor, NANGOF Trust, Jul 2007

A Review of National and Provincial Education Budgets 2007 (South Africa)
Russell Andrew Wildeman, IDASA, 28 Jun 2007

Social protection and poverty reduction in Southern Africa
Professor Marius Olivier, Centre for International and Comparative Labour and Social Security Law (CICLASS), University of Johannesburg, 9 Jun 2007

Speech by the Minister of Social Development, Z Skweyiya, at the International Bi-regional Conference on Social Protection
Minister Z Skweyiya , Ministry of Social Development, 7 Jun 2007

Catholic bishops urge G8 to take 'bold action on global poverty'
Catholic Bishops, Conferences of Catholic Bishops of Germany, Canada, France, Japan, Russia, England and Wales, the United States , Jun 2007

Africa and the Millennium Development Goals: 2007 Update
United Nations (UN), Jun 2007

Development Indicators Mid-Term Review: South Africa
Presidency of South Africa, Jun 2007

The HIV/AIDS Epidemic in Sub-Saharan Africa
Kaiser Family Foundation, Jun 2007

'Global cause' and effect: How the global aid system is undermining the Millennium Development Goals
WaterAid, Jun 2007

Africa'?s youthful population: Risk or opportunity?
Lori S. Ashford, Population Reference Bureau, Jun 2007

Home Truths: The phenomenon of residential care for children in a time of AIDS
Helen Meintjes, Sue Moses, Lizette Berry and Ruth Mampane, Children's Institute, University of Cape Town and Centre for the Study of AIDS, University of Pretoria, Jun 2007

Rapid expansion of treatment and rehabilitation of severely malnourished Malawian children
United States Agency for International Development (USAID), 31 May 2007

Education and support for Democracy in Sub-Saharan Africa: Testing mechanisms of influence
Geoffrey Evans and Pauline Rose, 12 May 2007

Community-based management of severe acute malnutrition
World Health Organization (WHO), World Food Programme (WFP), United Nations (UN), May 2007

Education under attack: A global study on targeted political and military violence against education staff, students, teachers, union and government officials, and institutions
Brendan O'Malley, UNESCO, 27 Apr 2007

Healthy Development: The World Bank strategy for health, nutrition and population results
World Bank, 24 Apr 2007

Zimbabwe Demographic and Health Survey 2005-06
Central Statistical Office, Zimbabwe and Macro International Inc, Mar 2007

Comunicado do Semin√°rio da Campanha GCAP-CPLP (Global Call to Action Against Poverty)
Global Call to Action Against Poverty (GCAP), 27 Feb 2007

Women and girls living with HIV/AIDS: Overview and annotated bibliography
Emily Esplen, BRIDGE and Institute of Development Studies (IDS), Feb 2007

Education Quality Enhancement Project, Kingdom of Lesotho (Appraisal Report)
Human Development Department, African Development Bank (AfDB), Feb 2007

Children and AIDS: A stocktaking report
UNAIDS, Unicef, World Health Organization (WHO), Jan 2007

Children at the Centre: A guide to supporting community groups caring for vulnerable children
Save the Children, 2007

The evolution of the Government of Kenya cash transfer programme for vulnerable children between 2002 to 2006 and prospects for nationwide scale-up
R. Pearson and C. Alviar , UNICEF Kenya, 2007

Open letter to SADC leaders from Zimbabwe Youth Movement
Freeman Chari, Zimbabwe Youth Movement, 2007

Childhood poverty in Mozambique: A situation and trends analysis
UNICEF, 2007

Because I am a Girl: The state of the world's girls 2007
Plan International / Plan UK, 2007

Progress towards gender equity in SADC - the draft SADC Protocol on Gender and Development
Patson Phiri , 2007

Plano Económico e Social para 2007, Mozambique
Government of Mozambique, 2007

Monitoring child well-being: A South African rights-based approach
Editors: Andrew Dawes, Rachel Bray and Amelia van der Merwe, Human Sciences Research Council (HSRC), 2007

Realising rights for children: Harmonisation of laws on children, Eastern and Southern Africa
The African Child Policy Forum, 2007

Making Commitments Matter: A toolkit for young people to evaluate national youth policy
Department of Economic and Social Affairs, United Nations, 2007

Pour Que Les Engagements Aient Un Sens: un guide pour aider les jeunes à évaluer la politique de la jeunesse dans leur pays
Département des affaires économiques et sociales du Secrétariat des Nations Unies, 2007

Analysing the response of a Teacher Training Institution to HIV and AIDS: A case study from Zambia
Lucinda Ramos, UNESCO Breda, 2007

Addressing formal and substantive citizenship: Gender justice in Sub-Saharan Africa
Celestine Nyamu-Musembi, International Development Research Centre (IDRC), 2007

Economic security for women fights AIDS
Global Coalition on Women and AIDS, 2007

Zambia Human Development Report: Enhancing household capacity to respond to HIV and AIDS
United Nations Development Programme (UNDP), 2007

Hunger and HIV: From food crisis to integrated care
Claire de Menezes, Susan Thurstans, Pamela Fergusson and Nynke Nutma, ACF International Network, 2007

Children on the move: Protecting unaccompanied migrant children in South Africa and the region
Save the Children (UK), 2007

Tell me more!: Children's rights and sexuality in the context of HIV/AIDS in Africa
Save the Children, Sweden, 2007

The state of the world'?s children 2007
The United Nations Children¬?s Fund (UNICEF), Dec 2006

Internet use among Ugandan adolescents: Implications for HIV intervention
Michele L. Ybarra, Julius Kiwanuka, Nneka Emenyonu, David R. Bangsberg, PLoS Medicine, Nov 2006

Child welfare and poverty in Nigeria
Chiedozie Benjamin Okpukpara, Paul U. Chine, Fidelis Nwele O. Uguru, Chukwuone Nnaemeka, 12 Oct 2006

Botswana Child Monitor: A bulletin of recent events, statistics and acquisitions about children
UNICEF, Sep 2006

Campaign against sexual abuse of girls in the education
Milton Machel, 24 Aug 2006

Impact of AIDS on mothers and children in Mozambique: Press release 20 July 2006
Save the Children UK - Mozambique, 20 Jul 2006

Opening address by the Minister of Social Development, Dr Zola Skweyiya to the conference on orphans and other children made vulnerable by HIV and AIDS
Dr Zola Skweyiya, Department of Social Development (South Africa), 12 Jul 2006

What will it take to end child poverty?
Donald Hirsch, Joseph Rowntree Foundation, Jul 2006

Declaration of young delegates who attended the OVC pre-conference workshop on 30th June '? 2nd July 2006 at Achterbergh Camp site, Krugersdorp
Department of Social Development (South Africa), 30 Jun 2006

Incidence and determinants of child labour in Nigeria: Implications for poverty alleviation
Benjamin Chiedozie Okpukpara, Ngozi Odurukwe, Jun 2006

Building resilience: A rights-based approach to children and HIV/AIDS in Africa
Linda M. Richter and Sharmla Rama, Save the Children, May 2006

The Johannesburg position on HIV/AIDS and women's and girls' rights in Africa
Apr 2006

What future? Street children in the Democratic Republic of Congo
Human Rights Watch, Apr 2006

Alternative report on convention on the rights of the child / Rapport alternatif sur l'application de la convention relative aux droits de l'enfant
Panafrican Association Thomas Sankara, Apr 2006

A bridge across the Zambezi: What needs to be done for children?
Save the Children UK and Norway, Mar 2006

Commission for Social Development hears introduction of Draft Resolutions on its Working methods, African Development, Ageing, Youth employment, Disabled persons
United Nations Commission for Social Development, 16 Feb 2006

The Children's Act: Briefing Paper 153
Lois Law, Southern African Catholic Bishops' Conference, Feb 2006

Eyes on the budget as a human rights instrument
UNICEF, 30 Jan 2006

The economic impact of AIDS Treatment: Labor supply in Western Kenya
Harsha Thirumurthy, Joshua Graff Zivin, Markus Goldstein, 1136066400

Implementation of the child support grant
Beth Goldblatt, Centre for Applied Legal Studies, University fo the Witwatersrand, Solange Rosa, Chi, Centre for Applied Legal Studies, University of the Witwatersrand and the Children's Institute, University of Cape Town, Jan 2006

Missing Mothers: Meeting the needs of children affected by AIDS
This report was written by Christina D¬?Allesandro, with substantial input from Frances Ellery and Bill Bell., Save the Children UK, 2006

Missing on Mother'?s Day: A briefing
Save the Children UK, 2006

"Microfinance and street children": Is microfinance an appropriate tool to address the street children issue?
Badreddine Serrokh, Solvay Business School, Free University of Brussels, 2006

Conference theme: "Strengthening coordinated action for orphans and other children made vulnerable by HIV and AIDS (OVC)"
Department of Social Development (South Africa), 2006

Micro-simulating child poverty in 2010 and 2020
Mike Brewer, James Browne and Holly Sutherland, Joseph Rowntree Foundation, 2006

Socio-demographic scenarios for children to 2020
Philip Rees and John Parsons, Joseph Rowntree Foundation, 2006

Child support
Jonathan Bradshaw, Joseph Rowntree Foundation, 2006

Teenage births
Jonathan Bradshaw, Joseph Rowntree Foundation, 2006

The cost of not ending child poverty: How we can think about it, how it might be measured, and some evidence
Donald Hirsch, Joseph Rowntree Foundation, 2006

Paying with their lives: The cost of illness for children in Africa
Regina Keith and Peter Shackleton, Save the Children UK, 2006

Determinants of Grade 12 Pass Rates in the post-Apartheid South African Schooling System
Haroon Bhorat and Morne Oosthuizen, Development Policy Research Unit, University of Cape Town, 2006

Education in emergencies: The gender implications
Jackie Kirk, United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO), 2006

Measuring Progress
Social Watch, 2006

Ethics and the everyday: Reconsidering approaches to research involving children
Rachel Bray, Imke Gooskens, Centre for Social Science Research (CSSR), Dec 2005

What is childcare really about?
Rachel Bray and René Brandt, Centre for Social Science Research (CSSR), Dec 2005

Towards a means to live: Targeting poverty alleviation to realise children'?s rights
Children¬?s Institute, University of Cape Town, Dec 2005

Maternal well-being, childcare and child adjustment in the context of HIV/AIDS: What does the psychological literature say?
René Brandt, Centre for Social Science Research (CSSR), Nov 2005

Botswana child monitor: A bulletin of recent events, statistics and acquisitions about children - November to December 2005
UNICEF, Nov 2005

Child Poverty Monitor: Progress towards a conceptual framework and data systems for measuring child vulnerability in South Africa
Judith Streak, IDASA, Children's Budget Unit, 5 Oct 2005

Special Rapporteur on right to education concludes visit to Botswana
Vernor Mu√Īoz, Special Rapporteur of the Commission on Human Rights on the right to education, Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights (OHCHR), 4 Oct 2005

Letting them fail: Government neglect and the right to education for children affected by AIDS
Human Rights Watch, Oct 2005

Ending child poverty and securing child rights: The role of social protection
Philippa Thomas, Plan UK, Oct 2005

Almost a boss-boy: Farm schools, farm life and social opportunity in South Africa
Jackie Dugard, Abraham Mintoor, Muzi Ngwenya, Portia Nkosi & Stuart Wilson, Centre for Applied Legal Studies, University of Witwatersrand, Oct 2005

Government's social development response to children made vulnerable by HIV/AIDS: Identifying gaps in policy and budgeting
Judith Streak, IDASA, 9 Sep 2005

Orphanhood and the long-run impact on children
Beegle K, De Weerdt J, Dercon S, World Bank, DANIDA, Economic Research Council (UK), Sep 2005

Botswana child monitor: A bulletin of recent events, statistics and acquisitions about children
UNICEF, Sep 2005

At all costs? Applying the means test for the Child Support Grant
Debbie Budlender, Solange Rosa and Katharine Hall, Centre for Actuarial Research (CARe), Save the Children (Sweden) and the Children's Institute, Sep 2005

Poverty Reduction Strategy Papers: Children first! - A case study on PRSP processes in Ethiopia, Kenya and Zambia from a Child Rights Perspective
Heidel, K., Kindernothilfe (KNH), Sep 2005

Youth in Africa: Call for Papers
Africa Insight, Aug 2005

In wake of Zimbabwe demolitions, UNICEF calls for global support to alleviate crisis facing children
UNICEF (United Nations Children's Fund), 26 Jul 2005

Putting faith in child care
Dr Geoff Foster, Jul 2005

Community solutions for Africa's AIDS orphans
Nicole Itano, South African Institute of International Affairs (SAIIA), Jul 2005

Views from Africa on social protection
Sylvia Beales, Ageing and Development, Jul 2005

Policy framework for orphans and other children made vulnerable by HIV and AIDS in South Africa
Department of Social Development, South Africa, Jul 2005

But the children cannot wait
Global Movement for Children, Jun 2005

The Community Investment Programme: early childhood, community and local economic development
Dr. Norman Reynolds, DPLG LED Forum, Jun 2005

Making childhood poverty history
id21 insight #56, Jun 2005

The family farm in a globalizing world: The role of crop science in alleviating poverty
Michael Lipton, International Food Policy Research Institute (IFPRI), Jun 2005

Gender, welfare and the developmental state in South Africa
Shireen Hassim, University of the Witwatersrand, May 2005

Quality at the Centre of Girls' Education
Editor: Changu Mannathoko, UNICEF, May 2005

Imali Ye Mwana: SADC Advocacy Network on Children's Rights and the Budget
Institute for Democracy in South Africa (IDASA), 18 Apr 2005

Towards social welfare services for all vulnerable children in South Africa: a review of policy development, budgeting and service delivery
Judith Streak, Sasha Poggenpoel, IDASA, 31 Mar 2005

Analysis of child focused indicators
Central Statistics Office (CSO) and UNICEF, Mar 2005

AIDS orphans and vulnerable children (OVC): Problems, responses, and issues for Congress
Tiaji Salaam, Congressional Research Service (CRS), 11 Feb 2005

One in two: Children are the key to Africa's future
Save the Children, 2005

Children's feedback committees in Zimbabwe: an experiment in humanitarian accountability
Chris McIvor, Karen Myllenen, Save the Children (UK), Jan 2005

Bottlenecks and drip-feeds: chanelling resources to communities responding to orphans and vulnerable children in southern Africa / Entraves e Conta-gotas: Canalizar recursos a comunidades responsáveis por crianças orfãos e vulneráveis n
Save the Children (UK), 2005

Helping children in the time of HIV and AIDS Resource Booklets
Children's Institute, University of Cape Town, 2005

Making cash count
Save the Children UK, HelpAge International and Institute of Development Studies (IDS), 2005

'The Cost of Poverty'?: Transaction costs and the struggle to make aid work in the education sector in Tanzania
Kate Dyer, United Nations Development Programme (UNDP), 2005

Under the Radar: Community Safety Nets for Children Affected by HIV/AIDS in Poor Households in Sub-Saharan Africa
Geoff Foster, United Nations Research Institute for Social Development (UNRISD), Jan 2005

The right not to lose hope: Children in conflict with the law '? a policy analysis and examples of good practice
Florence Martin, John Parry-Williams, Save the Children UK, 2005

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UNICEF: Consolidated donor report 2007 Mozambique
Third International Policy Conference on the African Child
Rapid expansion of treatment and rehabilitation of severely malnourished Malawian children
Tell me more!: Children's rights and sexuality in the context of HIV/AIDS in Africa

`We will bury ourselves`: A study of child-headed households on commercial farms in Zimbabwe
The impact of HIV/AIDS on Southern Africa`s Children: Poverty of planning and planning of poverty
The medium term impact of Oportunidades on child development in rural areas

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