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Childhood poverty in Mozambique: A situation and trends analysis

Summary of findings


SARPN acknowledges UNICEF as the source of this document:
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This document summarises some of the key findings of the report Childhood Poverty in Mozambique: a Situation and Trends Analysis. The report provides a comprehensive overview of the socioeconomic situation of the ten million Mozambican children, especially with regard to childhood poverty, and analyses the current situation of children1 in Mozambique. It also presents an overview of the public policy and service delivery environment for children, identifying areas in which progress needs to be made and making recommendations as to the way forward.

One distinctive contribution of the report is to provide a human rights-based perspective on national efforts to reduce childhood poverty and improve child development outcomes for all children in Mozambique. To this end, a deprivations-based measure of childhood poverty is presented, complementing the official consumption-based measure of childhood poverty, using a definition that examines children’s access to water, sanitation, shelter, education, health, nutrition and information. The disparities and immediate and underlying causes of childhood poverty are explored, drawing on the rich body of data and analytical work that has been conducted in recent years by the Government and its development partners.

The aim is that all stakeholders involved in the national effort to promote children’s development will use the Situation and Trends Analysis as a source of information, analysis and recommendations for programming and policy-making.

  1. Children are defined throughout as all citizens under the age of 18 in accordance with the Convention on the Rights of the Child (UN, 1989).

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