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A Review of National and Provincial Education Budgets 2007 (South Africa)

Russell Andrew Wildeman


28 June 2007

SARPN acknowledges IDASA as a source of this document:
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Annually, we undertake a review of national and provincial education budgets with the following main aims in mind:

  • To survey the main trends in national education and consolidated provincial education expenditure.
  • To understand something of the social and fiscal contexts within which provincial education budgets are made.
  • To quantify the progress provincial education makes in addressing the apartheid legacy of input inequality.
  • To provide a description and explanation of actual spending trends of conditional grants.
Our analyses are oriented towards providing a rigorous description of the main trade-offs in education budgets and how these decisions are likely to affect learners from poor communities. We are aware of the limitations of examining financial inputs only, but we believe that an updated statement of the main assumptions governing education budgets remains important.

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