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Central Statistics Office (CSO) UNICEF

Analysis of child focused indicators

Central Statistics Office (CSO) & UNICEF

March 2005

SARPN acknowledges UNICEF as the source of this document.
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This report was borne out of the fact that published census reports do not always provide all the information required by all users of statistics regarding children. UNICEF, in collaboration with CSO, took the initiative, following the 1991 census, to produce more detailed and focused reports. Three reports were produced based on the 1991 census: a national report containing district averages; district and sub-district reports containing disaggregated information by villages; and an atlas depicting inter-district disparities. These reports have proved invaluable in guiding development planning.

The 2001 census provided yet another opportunity to contribute to the census analyses by producing a report on child focused-indicators. This report is therefore a sequel to the three reports referenced above. In terms of the scope of coverage, this report provides a child-focused analysis of the 2001 census results.

Indicators in this report and the ensuing analysis are based on the 2001 Population and Housing Census.

Results from other sources, especially the 1991 census results, are presented for comparison and to provide a measure of trends. For ease of comparison of the indicators, data from the two censuses have been subjected to a similar classification and analysis. This ensures that the observed changes are real rather than a result of variations in the methods of analysis. Among the indicators presented in this report are life expectancy, child population characteristics, average household size, children’s living arrangements, orphanhood, child disability and household ownership of some communication mediums.

Although the background described above implicitly gives some insight into the analysis, the objectives of this analysis are to:
  • Assess the situation of children in Botswana;
  • Update the indicators developed after the 1991 census; and
  • Provide time series data on the situation of children during the period 1991 to 2001.

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