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United Nations

Making Commitments Matter:
A toolkit for young people to evaluate national youth policy

Department of Economic and Social Affairs, United Nations

SARPN acknowledges the UN as a source of this document:
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Welcome to the Toolkit!

What is this Toolkit?

This Toolkit is meant for national youth organizations and/or representatives working with youth. It can be used as a tool to:

  • Assess your country’s progress in reaching the WPAY goals;
  • Prioritize your organization’s work, based on your findings;
  • Initiate actions at the national level.
This Toolkit should be used as a starting point for determining what your government, and civil society, has done to better the lives of young people, since 1995. In addition to providing methods for evaluating this progress, the Toolkit also contains concrete tools to further your youth work. As such, we hope that you will find it both informative and useful, and a good resource for your organization.

Why this Toolkit?

The General Assembly, in 2005, will be reviewing the situation of youth and achievements made in the implementation of WPAY. 2005 has been chosen because it is ten years after the adoption of WPAY.

In order to prepare for the special meetings of the General Assembly in 2005, the United Nations Secretariat will be evaluating progress made in achieving the agreed upon actions in WPAY in the ten priority areas, as well as the additional five areas of concern, agreed on by the General Assembly in 2003 (see “The UN youth agenda”, p. 3 for more information).

This Toolkit has been developed because the input of youth and youth organizations around the world is vital in order to have a successful and effective evaluation of WPAY in 2005.

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