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Independent review of land issues, Volume III, 2006-2007:
Eastern and Southern Africa

Edited by Martin Adams1 and Robin Palmer2
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June 2007

SARPN acknowledges Robin Palmer as the source of this document.
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This review of land issues in twenty countries in Southern and Eastern Africa is the third since 2004.3 The idea of conducting a regular review arose in an informal meeting of land rights activists in Pretoria in 2003. They were drawn from NGOs, research and teaching institutions and/ or were working on assignments for international agencies and/ or African governments. The meeting took place around a concern about the seeming lack of progress with land reform in the region and what might be done to improve land rights delivery. It was recognised that there was a lack of systematic information as to what was actually happening and the need to track the progress of the various national programmes underway, as well as monitor land rights under serious threat.

As with previous reviews, the information contained herein has been gathered from individuals working in the countries concerned in response to the editors’ requests for updates. This has been the preferred method of compiling the review. In the absence of ‘volunteers’, country reviews have been prepared by the editors from a variety of sources. Land reform workers on the spot have then been asked to comment on the drafts.

In some instances, contributors have asked not to be mentioned. However, we are happy to be able to acknowledge the contributions and assistance of the following: Judy Adoko, Bernard Ajwang, Ruth Hall, Chris Huggins, Ingunn Ikdahl, Faustin Kalabamu, Simon Levine, Henry Machina, Shenard Mazengera, Mike McDermott, Diress Mengistu, Willem Odendaal, Laurel Rose, Lala Steyn, Chris Tanner, Stephen Turner and Richard White.

The editors would very much welcome responses and comments on the review.

  1. Previous reviews: Eastern 2004-5 issues_2004_5_vol_2_number_2_eastern_africa_dec_2005_final.pdf

    Eastern 2003-4 n_africa_aug_2004.rtf

    Southern 2004-5 issues_2004_5_vol_2_number_1_southern_africa_dec_2005_final.pdf

    Southern 2003-4 r_june_2004.rtf

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