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Report of the FAO/OXFAM GB workshop on women's land rights in Southern and Eastern Africa

Held in Pretoria, South Africa

17-19 June 2003

Compiled: October 2003

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Short workshop report available online:


This workshop was planned and organised by Kaori Izumi, from the FAO Sub-Regional Office for Southern and Eastern Africa, and Robin Palmer, Oxfam GB's Land Policy Adviser. Its origins sprang from their recent work and experiences. By common consent this workshop, attended by 75 people, was a resounding success for a variety of reasons, including intensive prior preparations, especially around the programme, a passionate commitment to the issues from those attending, the fact that people came to learn from others, that there was immediately established a sense of collective responsibility, that there was an unusually broad range of participants and therefore nobody knew everybody, that it was not hierarchical, that nobody was trying to sell anything, and that the discussions and debate covered a wide range of countries and experiences. This official report summarises the papers, presentations and discussions in the original order of the programme.


The 3-day workshop provided an excellent space in which delegates were able to engage with challenging issues in a positive and open environment. There was considerable interest in a follow-up event taking place in due course, at which issues could be revisited and progress measured. In the meantime, the organisers are investigating options for publishing a selection of the papers and presentations, in order to disseminate the discussions more widely.

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