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Chr. Michelsen Institute

Poverty in Mozambique: Discourse, analysis and monitoring

Suggestions for National Stakeholders and the Donor Community

Jan Isaksen (team leader), Anette Staaland & Bernhard Weimer

Chr. Michelsen Institute

SARPN acknowledges Eldis as a source of this document
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The reduction of poverty in Mozambique is the overall objective of Norwegian development cooperation with the country. Due to this policy, Norway has demonstrated a strong commitment to supporting the Mozambican Government in its efforts to combat poverty. Norway is presently one of the Programme Aid Partners, and has previously been involved in projects supporting the National Statistics Institute (INE) and the Gabinete de Estudos (GEST) at the Ministry of Finance and Planning (MPF).

Norway’s commitment to addressing poverty issues in Mozambique is also the background for this report, requested by the Norwegian Embassy in Maputo. The purpose is to advise the Norwegian Embassy and its partners on how best to support poverty analysis and monitoring in Mozambique in general and in the sectors of health, energy and fisheries in particular. The following scope of work is highlighted in the Terms of Reference:

  • map ongoing poverty analysis and identify institutions which could be involved in such analysis
  • assess the latest poverty analyses based on the National Household Survey and other data, with a view to suggesting how further advice can be improved in terms of scope, methodology and dissemination
  • advise on how a pluralistic professional analysis and discussion on poverty and poverty reduction in Mozambique can be stimulated
  • assess the justification for and potential value added from the involvement of Norwegian research communities
  • discuss possible collaborative mechanisms with other ongoing and planned poverty analysis initiatives
Data for this report was collected through searching and reviewing poverty relevant literature on Mozambique. Important information and data was also gathered during our 10 days fieldwork in Mozambique from 3 to 15 March 2005, in which visits and interviews with representatives from the donor community, government institutions, international and local NGOs, educational institutions, and various researchers were undertaken. Supplementary information regarding publications, research personnel and institutions, as well as consultancy firms, was collected through web pages on the Internet.

The team consisted of Jan Isaksen (CMI), Anette Staaland (CMI), and Bernhard Weimer (Leloba Consultancy). The team members would like to thank the staff at CMI who shared their knowledge on poverty issues with us, particularly Ivar Kolstad, who assisted in reviewing the report “Poverty and Well-being in Mozambique: The Second National Assessment”. Last, but not least, the team members would like to express their gratitude to our interviewees in Maputo and Nampula province, who candidly shared their knowledge and information with us. We deeply regret the loss of Dr Jose Negrao who assisted us greatly.

Regarding the structure of this report, Part 1, aimed at the donor community in general, maps ongoing research on poverty and monitoring in Mozambique and assesses how a more pluralistic and professional analysis and discussion on poverty and poverty research in Mozambique could be stimulated. Part 2 of the report, aimed more particularly at the Norwegian Embassy and its collaborators, gives an overview of poverty related research in Norway, and assesses how the Norwegian research community may contribute to poverty related research and capacity building in Mozambique.

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