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Research on Poverty Alleviation (REPOA)

Developing social protection in Tanzania within a context of generalised insecurity

Special Paper Number 06.19

Marc Wuyts

Research on Poverty Alleviation (REPOA)


SARPN acknowledges Research on Poverty Alleviation (REPOA) as the source of this document:
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Introduction and Background

As part of implementation of the Strategic Plan (2005-2009) the Board of Directors of REPOA approved new research themes that were developed through a consultative process. These are:
  • Growth and Poverty;
  • Vulnerability and Social Protection;
  • Social/Political/Cultural issues;
  • Environment and Agriculture, and Cross cutting areas of: Gender, Technology and Governance.
As a follow-up on these new research themes, REPOA subsequently commissioned the development of a Research Programme on Social Protection within the following terms of reference:
  • To develop a conceptual framework that will guide all research in this area and to place this framework in the context of the Tanzanian situation.
  • To determine the research problem, questions, etc. and to identify the relevant research areas. Here, it would be useful to focus on research sub-themes that may be developed into full-scale research projects.
  • To outline the broad methodology. This has to be indicative as researchers are expected to develop detailed methodologies that may differ from project to project.
  • To suggest possible collaborative research activities and a framework for this collaboration, preferably including capacity building of local researchers.
  • To put forward a tentative budget, focusing on the type and level of researchers needed for the work, time frame, etc.
The overarching working hypothesis of this research programme can briefly be stated as follows:

Section II of this document on the research programme for Social Protection develops the overall conceptual framework and sets out the overall agenda and rationale for this research programme.

Section III puts forward the following three research sub-themes along with one crosscutting theme proposed for the programme:

  1. Protecting income against impoverishment: income transfers and consumption smoothing.
  2. Preventing capability deprivation: enhancing human capabilities through social provisioning.
  3. Social protection and the development of productive capabilities: labour, productivity and livelihoods across the informal/formal divide.
    as sub-themes, and,
  4. Pro-poor growth and social protection: macro dimensions of generalised insecurity as the crosscutting theme.
This section also briefly discusses the methodological dimensions of the research sub-themes in the research programme.
Finally, Section IV deals with its institutional settings, outlines its supportive capacity building initiatives, and provides information on the requirements for a proposal and the proposal process.

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