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Social protection for chronic poverty: abstracts and conference papers

Institute for Development Policy and Management

February 2005

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Abstracts and Papers (

Author (s) Title
Abstracts Abstracts for papers (Word 106KB)
Abigail Barr and Truman Packard Preferences, Constraints and Substitutes for Coverage Under Peru's Pension System (Word 187KB)
Armando Barrientos, David Hulme and Andrew Shepherd Can Social Protection Tackle Chronic Poverty? (PDF 272KB)
Armando Barrientos Non-Contributory Pensions and Poverty Reduction in Brazil and South Africa (PDF 662KB)
Gerald Bloom Health and Social Protection: Meeting the Needs of the Very Poor (Word 105KB)
Somsook Boonyabancha and Diana Mitlin Addressing Poverty and Avoiding Dependency - Loan-Funded Welfare Support (Word 81KB)
Tatiana Britto Recent Trends in the Development Agenda of Latin America: an Analysis of Conditional Cash Transfers (Word 114KB)
Michael Carter, Peter Little,Tewodaj Mogues and Workneh Negatu Shocks, Sensitivity and Resilience: Tracking the Economic Impacts of Environmental Disaster on Assets in Ethiopia and Honduras (PDF 271KB)
Ben D'Exelle and Tom De Herdt The Role of Fairness Concerns in Social Protection and Poverty Reduction (PDF 139 KB)
Arjan De Haan Beyond Residual Social Policy in a Development Context (Word 112KB)
Shijun Ding, Sushil Pandey, Chuanbo Chen and Humnath Bhandari Drought and Farmers' Coping Strategies in Poverty Afflicted Rural China (Word 252KB)
Leonor Ferreira Social Protection and Chronic Poverty: Portugal and the Southern European Welfare Regime (Word 612 KB)
Franziska Gassmann How to Improve Access to Social Protection for the Poor? Lessons from the Social Assistance Reform in Lativa (Word 1.2MB)
Ugo Gentilini Mainstreaming Safety Nets in the Social Protection Policy Agenda: a New Vision or the Same Old Perspective? (PDF 297KB)
Sam Hickey Thinking about the Politics of Social Protection in Africa: Towards a Conceptual and Theoretical Approach (PDF 228KB)
Leonith Hinojosa The Role of Transaction Costs on the Effectiveness of Social Policies for Tackling Poverty: a Case Study of Peasant Communities in the Andes (Word 154KB)
Pasquale Scandizzo, Raghav Gaiha and Katsushi Imai Option Values, Switches and Wages - an Analysis of the Employment Guarantee Scheme in India (Word 346KB)
Suma Kaare Targeting the Chronic Poor: Lessons from the OVC Programme in Tanzania (Word 260KB)
Anna McCord Win-Win or Lose-Lose? An Examination of the Use of Public Works as a Social Protection Instrument in Situations of Chronic Poverty (Word 93KB)
Enrique Mendizabal and Pablo Lavado Capturing Social Protection for the Poor: the Case of 'Soup Kitchens' in Peru (PDF 195KB)
Sony Pellissery The Effects of Process Deficits of Anti-Poverty Programmes on the Chronic Poor (PDF 220KB)
Ayn Regalado and Andrew Mendoza Quantifying the Gains from the SEA-K Program in The Philippines: What Works and What Doesn't Work (Word 854KB)
Bernd Schubert The Pilot Social Cash Transfer Scheme, Kalomo District, Zambia(Word 99KB)
Andrew Shepherd, Rachel Marcus and Armando Barrientos Policy Paper on Social Protection (Word 249KB)
Rachel Slater The Implications of HIV/AIDS for Social Protection (Word 193KB)
Sergei Zelenev Forging Partnership for Social Protection in South and East Asia (Word 93KB)

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