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Report of the proceedings of the first national dialogue and project launch workshop of the linkages between trade, development and poverty reduction (TDP) in Tanzania

Organized by Economic and Research Foundation (ESRF) in Collaboration with CUTS Centre for International Trade Environment and Economics (CUTSCITEE) of India and UK; on 22nd September 2005, White Sands Hotel, Dar es Salaam, Tanzania

Report Prepared by the Economic and Social Research Foundation (ESRF)

November 2005

SARPN acknowledges CUTS International as a source of this document.
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Welcoming formalities

  1. Introduction of Participants, by the Chairman cum Facilitator, Mr. Hussein Kamote, (a Representative from the Confederation of Tanzanian Industries)

    The workshop started at about 9:30am with the chairman Mr. Hussein Kamote, a representative from the Confederation of Tanzanian Industries (CTI), facilitating the self-introduction of participants. According to Mr. Kamote participants represented various stakeholders, which implied that the workshop was well represented nationally. The participants included government officials, and representatives from private sector organizations, civil society organization, farmers associations, research institutions, academic institutions and the media. There were about 50 participants who attended the workshop.

  2. Welcoming Remarks from the Acting Executive Director, ESRF, Dr. Oswald Mashindano

    Dr. Oswald Mashindano on behalf of the Executive Director of the Economic and Social Research Foundation (ESRF), Prof Haidari Amani (who could not attend because he was out of the country) thanked the Guest of Honor Honorable Wilfred Nyachia, who is the Permanent Secretary, Ministry of Industry and Trade, for sparing his time and accept to officiate the workshop. Dr. Mashindano also extended his appreciation to the participants for attending the workshop. According to him, the attendance was an indication that the participants were not only interested but also concerned with issues of trade and poverty. Dr. Mashindano also took the opportunity to thank the authors of the workshop papers for the well-written papers and particularly for making the National Dialogue on linkage between Trade, Development and Poverty possible. Lastly, Dr. Mashindano invited the Guest of Honor to speak to the audience, officially open the workshop and launch the TDP project.

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