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Linkages between Trade, Development & Poverty

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"Linkages between Trade, Development and Poverty" is a project initiative undertaken by the Community Unity and Trust System Centre for Trade. Economics and Environment (CUTS-CITEE). The Institute for Global Dialogue and the South African Poverty Reduction Network are the South African partners. This project will run over a four year period and will be implemented in fifteen different countries in Eastern and Southern Africa and South East Asia, The project was launched on the 18 and 19 of March 2004 in Jaipur, India.

The project deals with:

  1. People's perception and take forward these perceptions to an advocacy level to influence on the political level.
  2. Dialogues and the interventions of trade and national development strategies and policy coherence at the national level.
  3. Engage in media debates and develop a campaign kit based on people's perceptions.
  4. Promote a Fair Trade Movement and linkages between the Producer (South) and the Consumer (North).
The objectives:

  • To facilitate cross-fertilization of experiences and lessons learnt on linkages between trade, development and poverty reduction in the developing countries to develop appropriate policy responses.

  • To help strengthen the ability of developing countries through the provision of, policy support and other know-how and do-how on trade and development issues, and to defend their viewpoints and negotiating and advocacy positions on issues of concern, prevailing and emerging in the international trading system and their relationship with development and poverty reduction.

  • To facilitate synergy between governments and civil society organisations (between and among the Northern stakeholders) to learn from each other and strengthen their collective perspectives and positions in the emerging debate on the linkages between trade, development and poverty reduction.

  • To advocate development-orientated trade policies, based on learning from research and other activities, by taking into account the interests and priorities (Needs and aspirations) of the poor and marginalized sections of the society and looking into the aspects of policy coherence.
Intended contribution by answering the following questions:

  • What would international trade policies are needed to do to contribute to poverty reduction and development agenda?

  • What reform is needed to meet these developmental goals?

  • How do we create an environment of choice that contributes to the livelihood of the primary produce? In other words how do we create an environment to implement and mainstream Fair Trade Policies?

  • What domestic reform agenda is needed?

Contacts: Michelle Pressend on 011-315 1299 or and Barbara Kalima-Phiri on 012-342 9499 or

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