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United Nations (UN)

United Nations Development Assistance Framework (UNDAF): 2006-2010

United Nations (UN)

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Rationale for the UNDAF

The UN Development Assistance Framework (UNDAF), 2006-2010, aims to guide integrated programming among the UN Agencies working in Namibia to support government and civil society to reach Namibia’s economic and social development goals, outlined in Vision 2030, the Millennium Development Goals, NDPII and other international commitments signed by the Government of Republic of Namibia (GRN).

The UNDAF enables the UN System in Namibia to focus its collective strength to contribute to the Government’s efforts to mitigate the impacts of HIV/AIDS, increase household food security and enhance institutional capacities. The UNDAF ensures enhanced programmatic coherence, collaboration, a harmonisation of effort and coordination of all UN agencies working in Namibia and builds on their comparative advantage in providing assistance. It provides a framework for the UN to respond effectively to national development priorities and objectives. The UNDAF in turn, will guide the development of agency-specific and joint programmes to address the common critical issues.

The UNDAF has incorporated a human rights approach to programming and has identified areas where the UN system can assist the GRN in furthering its success in fulfilling civil and political, economic and social rights for its citizens. It will implement some of Vision 2030’s “new ways of thinking” regarding:

  • Operating an adaptive, dynamic process approach to development
  • Government and society working in full partnership for sustainable development
  • Shared decision-making which focuses on achieving outcomes (impact)
  • Integrated planning between sectors and institutions.
The UN agencies which are currently resident in Namibia are the FAO, UNAIDS, UNDP, UNESCO, UNFPA, UNICEF, WFP and WHO. UNHCR is in country for the support to the Angolan refugee programme. Non-resident UN agencies such as ILO, UNEP, IAEA and UNIFEM have also committed themselves to this UNDAF.

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