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Poverty reduction efforts in Namibia: Are they effective?
“The Role of SMEs in Poverty Alleviation”

Presentation at the NES Breakfast Meeting 26 October 2005

Tuwilika Hamwele


SARPN acknowledges the JCC as the source of this document.
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“Business owners in many countries face conditions that make simply surviving a miracle. The major challenge is to turn the miracle of survival into the miracle of growth.”
W.F. Steel, Changing the institutional and policy environment for small enterprise development in Africa

Table of Contents

  • Introduction to the topic
  • SMEs impact on the Economy
  • Key challenges
Introduction to the topic

  • SMEs are considered the backbone of any economy.

  • This is where the mass of the populace is.

  • The JCC promotes the targeting of SMEs in developmental efforts as a prime way to achieving impact on poverty reduction.

  • JCC is constantly advocating and lobbying for greater consideration of the SME sector as a key role player in the development of our economy.

  • JCC & Partners understand without information including research development cannot be attained - information is power and empowering.

  • To give a perspective on the contribution of SMEs towards Poverty Alleviation in Namibia, extracts from the soon to be published SME Impact Assessment Study of 2004 – 2005 will be shared. As controversial as data can be, it certainly substantiates the importance of the local small businesses sector.

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