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Urban Renewal and Integrated Sustainable Rural Development Programme: Nodal reports

Strategy & Tactics, Khanya-AICDD

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The National Department of Social Development commissioned the largest social research project outside government agencies to focus on 'building sustainable livelihoods' in the nodes of the Urban Renewal Programme and the Integrated Sustainable Rural Development Programme. The project is a large, ambitious, 27-month set of interventions, carried out by Strategy & Tactics and Khanya-AICDD.

The project focuses on understanding the nature of poverty in the 22 nodes; identifying key sustainable livelihood interventions; supporting nodal, provincial and national spheres in developing a sustainable livelihoods approach and set of skills; baselining the situation, and then evaluating the impact of the changed approach later in the project.

These 22 presentations derive from the massive 8 500 sample survey, undertaken by Strategy & Tactics, the first-ever intregated URP/ISRDP baseline survey. The presentations summarise key findings in the main areas studies, including poverty, service delivery quality, health status, social capital, as well as attitudes to reproductive rights and gender-based violence. This is the first time directly comparable nodal-level data has been gathered and analysed, and is a key tool for programme managers and policy-makers alike.

Department of Social Development nodal baseline survey:

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