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Civil society in Tanzania

Toni Haapanen



SARPN acknowledges KEPA as a source of this document:
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During 2006, the Service Centre for Development Cooperation (KEPA) collected information from Southern civil societies in which it operates, several civil society representatives, activists and researchers gave their views for this purpose. This working paper is a summary of the documents collected concerning civil society in Tanzania. It is mainly based on the information given in Zaa Twalangeti’s background paper Analysis for Tanzania, Tiina Kontinen’s in-depth answers to an inquiry on civil society in Tanzania, Kenny Manara’s email interview, and Tiina Kukkamaa’s complementary comments.1 Zaa Twalangeti works as an information and programme officer at the Tanzania Association of NGOs, TANGO. Tiina Kontinen was a researcher at the Institute of Development Studies, University of Helsinki. She has recently published a dissertation on the learning challenges of NGOs in development, focusing on Finnish NGOs in Tanzania2. Kenny Manara worked as a development policy officer and Tiina Kukkamaa as a liaison officer at KEPA’s Tanzanian chapter in Morogoro. Besides, some other material has been used as an additional source of information.

  1. See list of sources at the end of this paper.
  2. See Kontinen 2007.

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