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Giving and Solidarity:
Resource Flows for Poverty Alleviation in South Africa

Adam Habib, Brij Maharaj (eds)

Human Sciences Research Council (HSRC)

SARPN acknowledges HSRC as a source of this document:
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Giving, development and poverty alleviation

Development and poverty alleviation have over the last decade been the almost exclusive preoccupation of some of the best academic and policy minds in South Africa. Indeed, development, economics, geography, politics, and sociology departments and institutes at universities, government research departments and parastatals, and non-governmental research organisations have churned out numerous articles, books, policy papers, and reports on the subject. Many of these studies have been immersed in an analytical contestation about the state's economic and social policies, focusing on whether they enable or undermine development and poverty alleviation. The dividing line in this contestation has been between state and labour-aligned policy researchers, with the former supportive and the latter critical of the state's policy orientation.

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