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Early lessons from implementation of climate change adaptation projects in South-eastern Africa

Report of the Regional Workshop in Maputo Mozambique
24-25 April 2007

International Institute for Sustainable Development (IISD) & SouthSouthNorth (SSN)

SARPN acknowledges IISD as a source of this document:
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Background and objectives of the workshop

Across south-eastern Africa, a growing number of non-governmental organizations, governments, research institutes and development agencies are developing or implementing projects specifically designed to support adaptation to climate change. These early experiences are providing insights into the challenges and opportunities associated with responding to the increasing risks resulting from climate change. There is a need, however, to develop stronger links within this expanding community of practice—to share experiences, examine challenges and identify better ways of moving forward.

Objectives of the workshop:

  • provide an opportunity for individuals and organizations implementing climate change adaptation projects in south-eastern Africa to learn from each other’s experiences in identifying, selecting, designing, seeking funding and implementing projects;
  • increase the knowledge of government policy- and decision-makers of the linkages between climate change impacts and sustainable development, and the actions that can be taken to reduce vulnerability at the local and national level; and
  • to initiate an informal regional adaptation network within south-eastern Africa.

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