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International Women’s Summit Programme:
Women’s Leadership on HIV and AIDS

World YWCA & International Community of Women Living with HIV and AIDS (ICW)

4-7 July 2007

SARPN acknowledges the YWCA as a source of this document:
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The International Women's Summit offers a unique opportunity to listen to some of the world's leading experts on HIV and AIDS and learn from the experiences of women working in the heart of local communities. It's a chance to lead change in addressing the impact of HIV and AIDS on women and girls.

Everyday, women are leading the response to HIV and AIDS. They change lives and communities for the better, and demonstrate that women’s leadership can be a powerful vehicle in the fight against AIDS.

Summit Objectives:

  • To highlight the difference women’s leadership is making on HIV and AIDS
  • To build the capacity of individuals and organisations to develop sustainable programmes and evidence based solutions
  • To mobilise women around the world to respond to HIV and AIDS and related issues
  • To develop strategic partnerships to broaden the impact of responses

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