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Coordinating with communities
Part A: Background to involving communities

International Council of AIDS Service Organizations (ICASO), the African Council of AIDS Service Organizations (AfriCASO) and the International HIV/AIDS Alliance


SARPN acknowledges ICASO as the source of this document:
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Section 1: Introduction to guidelines

What are the aims of these guidelines?

These guidelines aim to increase and improve the active and meaningful involvement of the community sector in the development, implementation and monitoring of coordinated national AIDS responses. This includes involvement in the ‘Three Ones’ principles1: One agreed HIV/AIDS Action Framework, One National AIDS Coordinating Authority, and One agreed country-level Monitoring and Evaluation System.

These guidelines aim to provide practical options – including standards, structures, processes and methods – from which stakeholders can select those options that are most appropriate and useful to their own contexts.

They promote a set of universal principles, such as human rights and gender equality, that are relevant to all countries and contexts. In particular, these guidelines are underpinned by the recognition that the Greater Involvement of People Living with or Affected by HIV/AIDS (GIPA) will provide for more effective national responses to HIV/AIDS.

They also aim to support the idea that a greater degree of shared ownership of the response (among the community, private, and public sectors) is necessary to attain universal access to prevention, treatment, care and support.

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