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World Economic Forum

World Economic Forum on Africa: Raising the bar

World Economic Forum

Cape Town, 13 to 15 June 2007

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Africa’s champions are leveraging an environment of greater global interest in the continent to ensure that success breeds success. Well-managed countries and companies, both large and small, are creating jobs, expanding operations and serving citizens. The result is deeper African integration into the world economy. What opportunities does this bring for business? What are the implications for Africa?

Empowered by improved governance, a stabilized macroeconomic environment, lower debt levels, better security, as well as a strong demand for commodities and resources, Africa’s decision-makers today have a genuine opportunity. Rising to the challenge will require innovations that strengthen indigenous sources of entrepreneurship, investment and financing, whilst also tapping into new, emerging markets across the globe. Furthermore, in 2007 the G8 will put the spotlight on enhancing investment flows to Africa; creating harmony between African countries and external stakeholders.

Under the theme Raising the Bar, the region's premier gathering of leaders in business, government and civil society will draw lessons from best-performing states, assess new opportunities, address risks and identify priorities for action.

Leaders will focus on the following areas:
  • Building Capacity for Success Skill, foresight and managerial excellence define the most successful African organisations. We celebrate these successes and we also investigate how capacity can be expanded to make these organisations even stronger and to ensure that even more entities across the continent can meet these high standards.

  • Enhanced Investment Into which countries and sectors is investment flowing? What new projects, innovative partnerships and targeted interventions are underway to sustain growth and trigger new breakthroughs? What is the G8 agenda on foreign direct investment and how should it be implemented for lasting impact?

  • Africa as a Global Partner Africa is increasingly integral to global strategic issues from sustainable energy, terrorism and migration to climate change and poverty eradication. Increased interest from China and India consolidates this position. How are African leaders seizing this opportunity to shape the external environment? Can countries act in a manner to compel other regions to respond in a complementary way?

  • A Competitive Future Leaders will review a new Africa Competitiveness Report explaining why some African countries are well ahead of the pack. Deliberations will assess concrete recommendations on building and safeguarding a competitive future and what risks lie ahead.

  • Pathways to Prosperity Business has long been a partner in creating value across society; sustaining employment, driving investment and supporting good governance. Are economies getting better at building opportunities for the poor to access and sustain a middle class income? Leaders will review progress made and address challenges.
The scale of Africa’s promise is matched only by the need to act to consolidate it. Leaders will discuss the priorities for action to ensure that the continent remains on its positive trajectory.

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