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Key competencies for improving Local Governance

Volume 1: Quick Guide

United Nations Human Settlements Programme (UN-HABITAT)
Local Government and Public Service Reform Initiative of the Open Society Institute


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First published in 1994, the initial edition of this Local Elected Leadership (LEL) series has been translated into twenty-five languages and used in many regions of the world. Hundreds of trainers worldwide have been trained to facilitate elected leadership workshops and several hundred thousand local elected and appointed officials have participated in leadership programmes using the materials. In addition, the LEL series has been used by hundreds of non-governmental and community-based organizations to strengthen their management and leadership skills and competencies.

Based on the success of the original series and the changing nature of local governance, urban challenges, and the growing wisdom and understanding about issues like governance and sustainability, UN-HABITAT decided to revise and update the LEL series to meet the learning needs of a new generation of local elected leaders. A global written survey of users was conducted and a representative team of elected officials, trainers, and governance specialists was convened at UN-HABITAT headquarters in late 2002 to review the survey data, reflect on their own experiences in using the original series, review the materials in-depth to determine how best to improve on them, and reach consensus on a comprehensive list of recommended actions that should be taken to revise the materials based on changing times and growing demand.

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