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Household survey of HIV-prevalence and behaviour in Chimanimani District, Zimbabwe, 2005

Exnevia Gomo, Simba Rusakaniko, Wilson Mashange, Junior Mutsvangwa, Brian Chandiwana, Shungu Munyati


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Executive summary

  1. The Behavioural Risks and HIV Serostatus (BSS) Survey forms part of a project on The Development, Implementation, and Evaluation of Interventions for the Care of Orphans and Vulnerable Children in Chimanimani district, Manicaland Province, Zimbabwe. This report presents information on HIV prevalence and risk factors thereof, knowledge of HIV and AIDS, and awareness about HIV and AIDS services among children and adults in the district in the community.

  2. A total of 2 934 individuals were randomly selected to participate in the survey. Of these, 752 were guardians of 2-11 year olds, 634 were 12-14, 756 were 15-24 and the remainmg 792 were 25+ years old. Specific questionnaires were designed for each group. Guardians of children 2-11 years of age answered questions on the child's behalf. The response rate was 97.3%. Blood specimens for HIV testing were collected as spots on filter paper, dried and stored until tested, using commercial HIV-1/2 enzyme immunoassay (EIA) kits. The study population derived from urban, communal, resettlement, small scale commercial and large scale commercial sectors. Bivariate association between HIV prevalence and potential risk factors were assessed.

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