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Cash transfers and social protection:
Experiences of the UN World Food Programme

Blessings Mwale and Ian Mashingaidze

World Food Programme (WFP)

9th to 10th October 2006

SARPN Regional Workshop on Cash Transfer Activities in southern Africa.
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  • WFP considers safety nets as a social protection tools in cash or kind to protect and promote livelihoods during disasters, and assist vulnerable households to manage risk.

  • Significant experience with safety nets (PSNP…): 2004 policy.

  • WFP does not have a formal policy on cash transfers yet and cash is not a standard programming tool.

  • Cash pilots on exceptional circumstances for research and learning purposes.

  • WFP openly and actively engaged in learning (ODI Cash Learning Network, World Bank CCT in Turkey etc).

  • Cash by partners and WFP food can be combined in the same transfer, e.g. part of the wage in public works can be paid in food to boost household food consumption and part can be paid in cash to cover non-food household needs.

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