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Women in law and development in Africa

Prepared by Dr. Njunga M. Mulikita, Consultant/Political Scientist

October 2006

SARPN acknowledges WiLDAF Zambia as a source of this document.
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WiLDAF Zambia undertook some advocacy activities on increasing the participation of women in the electoral process in Zambia's 2006 Presidential, Parliamentary and Local Government elections, with emphasis of attaining the SADC Declaration on equal representation of men and women in decision making structures at all levels. The activities aimed at promoting enhanced citizen participation in the democratic process and the promotion of a democratic culture in Zambia included

  • Increasing voter confidence for women councilor candidates by providing a platform for the women to engage in issue based debates at ward level.
  • Establishing local support groups for women and strengthening their capacity to carryout an effective advocacy for the support of women candidates in the 2006 elections by engaging the political parties to adopt women candidates, providing moral support to women candidates and building public support for the women candidates.
  • Mobilizing public support for women candidates by undertaking public awareness activities through community radio stations and popular education and the production of information materials on supporting women candidates.
  • Gathering baseline information on issues related to women participation in the electoral process as candidates for further advocacy for the implementation of electoral laws that will increase women participation.
This is therefore, a preliminary report on the baseline survey conducted.

Christine L. Munalula
Country Coordinator

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