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International HIV/AIDS Alliance

Pathways to partnerships: Toolkit for NGOS and CBOs

International HIV/AIDS Alliance

SARPN acknowledges the International HIV/AIDS Alliance as the source of this document -
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What is the International HIV/AIDS Alliance?

The International HIV/AIDS Alliance (the Alliance) is an international non-governmental organisation that supports communities in developing countries to make a significant contribution to HIV prevention, AIDS care and support to children affected by the epidemic. Since its establishement in 1993, the Alliance has provided financial and technical support to NGOs and CBOs from more than 40 countries. In addition, the Alliance promotes good practice in community responses to HIV/AIDS more broadly through evaluation, operations research, the development of training materials and tools, as well as policy and advocacy activities.

Why was this toolkit developed?

From its practical experiences, the Alliance has seen how NGOs can build strong and lasting action on HIV/AIDS by working with other people and organisations in a strategic way. The Alliance and its partners in developing countries became convinced of the importance of building partnerships, and developed an NGO training programme in this area.

“Pathways to Partnerships” is the first in a series of toolkits, covering topics in which the Alliance has experience. By distributing this toolkit widely and monitoring its use, the Alliance aims to:

  • Build practical skills amoung NGOs/CBOs by using participatory activities and sharing experiences.
  • Provide a training resource for NGO support programmes, training organisations and individual trainers.
  • Continue learning about how NGOs/CBOs can build successful partnerships.
How was this toolkit developed?

The development of this toolkit has benefited from the experiences, materials and ideas of many organisations in many countries.

The original participatory tools were developed by the Alliance in collaboration with the Philippines HIV/AIDS NGO Support Program. They were then adapted and further developed with COMUNIDEC in Ecuador. During this process, inputs were given by other organisations, including Alliance Lanka (Sri Lanka), the Thailand Business Coalition on AIDS, Proyecto Acciуn en SIDA de Centro Amйrica, and the Latin American Council of AIDS Service Organisations.

Once drawn together as a draft toolkit, “Pathways to Partnerships” was extensively field tested. Test sites included Zimbabwe (in collaboration with Pact and the Project Support Group), Mexico (with Colectivo Sol, Ave de Mйxico, Frenpavih, Red Mexicana and other local NGOs) and Brazil (with Pela Vidda, groups of people living with HIV/AIDS and the Ministry of Health). Sections of the toolkit were also used in workshops with Alliance partner NGOs in India, and during skills building workshops for NGOs at the 1996 and 1998 World AIDS Conferences.

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