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Tanzania Budget 2005/6:
Speech by the Minister for Finance, Hon. Basil P. Mramba (MP)

Introducing to the National Assembly the estimates of Government Revenue and Expenditure for the Financial year 2005/06

8th June 2005

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  1. Mr. Speaker, I beg to move that this esteemed House now resolves to debate and approve Government proposals for Revenue and Expenditure estimates for the Financial Year 2005/06. This Government budget has been consolidated into four volumes: volume one presents revenue estimates; volumes two and three describe recurrent expenditure estimates for ministries, government departments, regions, urban and district councils; and volume four presents development expenditure estimates for the ministries, government departments, regions, and councils. In addition, there is the 2005/06 Finance Bill.

  2. Mr. Speaker, allow me to begin by expressing my sincere appreciation to everyone, who in one way or the other, participated in the preparation of this budget. The Finance and Economic Committee of the Parliament and Sector Committees did a commendable job in keenly scrutinising the budget estimates with a high standard of professionalism; and their advice has been incorporated. I would like to thank the Office of the Attorney General for preparing various bills and legal notices for this budget. I would also like to express my gratitude to my colleagues in the Ministry of Finance, in particular the Deputy Ministers for Finance, Hon. Abdisalaam Issa Khatib (MP) and Hon. Dr. Festus Limbu (MP); the Permanent Secretaries, Mr. Gray Mgonja, and Mr. Peniel Lyimo; Deputy Permanent Secretary, Mr. Ramadhan Khijjah; and all Heads of Department and staff of the Ministry of Finance, for their contributions in the preparation of this budget. Let me also thank the Government Printer for the timely publication of this budget speech, the budget books and bills related to this budget. Finally, my sincere thanks go to the wide range of stakeholders, who made proposals to me and shared their insights and policy recommendations, in particular on tax measures. Their views and comments have been taken into account in this budget.

  3. Mr. Speaker, in the past eleven months, we have lost five colleagues, who passed away. They are: the late Hon. Yete Simtemule Mwalego, who was Member of Parliament for Mbeya Rural; the Late Hon. Theodos James Kasapila - Ulanga East, the Late Hon. Frank Michael Mussati - Kasulu East, the Late Hon. Ambassador Ahmed Hassan Diria - Rahaleo, and the Late Hon. Abubakar Towegale Kiwanga - Kilombero. May God rest their souls in eternal peace, Amen.

  4. Mr. Speaker, this is the last parliamentary budget session of the Third Phase Government, and this budget is the tenth since the Third Phase Government took power in November 1995. Most of us will be returning to our constituencies in accordance with the law and procedures, to request the people's mandate to come back to this Hall, which will be new. I have high hopes that people will not forget the achievements of the Third Phase Parliament and its Government. The Third Phase Government under the leadership of President Benjamin William Mkapa has made profound achievements, which we are all proud of, notably in economic recovery, growth, attainment of macroeconomic stability, infrastructure development, and improvement in social service delivery. The Government's ability to provide basic socio-economic services has more than doubled during the nine years the Third Phase Government has been in power.

  5. Mr. Speaker, I would like to congratulate your esteemed House under your able leadership, for the invaluable contribution that has enabled the Third Phase Government under CCM to attain great achievements. I also take this opportunity to congratulate our fellow Member of Parliament, Hon. Jakaya Mrisho Kikwete, CCM MP for Chalinze and Minister for Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation, for his overwhelming nomination by Chama Cha Mapinduzi as its Presidential candidate for the coming general elections. The CCM choice is a sign of confidence the Party has in us, as Members of Parliament, and in the Parliament itself as an institution. This example should be emulated by other political parties in the country.

  6. Mr. Speaker, as I said earlier, this is the tenth budget of the Third Phase Government since CCM came to power in 1995. During this period, the Government budget has been instrumental in fostering economic development in the country. Through putting in place budget control mechanisms, under prudent fiscal policy, the economy has been stabilised as we have learned to live within our means.

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