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Southern African Regional Poverty Network (SARPN)

Commission for Africa commitments

Synthesis report on southern Africa consultations monitoring progress of implementation of CFA commitments and recommendations1

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Southern Africa Regional Poverty Network (SARPN)

March 2006

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In response to the establishment of Commission for Africa (CFA) in February 2004 by the British Prime Minister Tony Blair, the Southern Africa Regional Poverty Network (SARPN) - a non-governmental organization based in South Africa - convened a number of national and regional consultations commencing with a focus on the CFA process and then on the CFA report once it was published. SARPN's main interest in this CFA initiative is to facilitate and support the work of civil society organisations (CSOs) around the CFA and its recommendations.

The SARPN consultations in Lesotho, Malawi, Mozambique and Zambia included representatives from civil society, government and international cooperating and development partners. Presentations and conversations centered on the themes within the CFA report and specifically, contributions undertaken to advance the implementation of the CFA recommendations.
This report is a synthesis of these national and regional consultations and aims to reflect on the appropriateness and effectiveness of ongoing monitoring initiatives in respect of the CFA commitments and recommendations.

  1. Report compiled by Mary Caesar.

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