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The realities of unfair trade - The case of small scale cotton farmers in Zambia

John Malanda - cotton farmer in Nyampande Settlement scheme, Petauke

Hands of Mr. John Malanda - a cotton grower in Petauke (Eastern province of Zambia)
Hands of Mr. John Malanda - a cotton grower in Petauke (Eastern province of Zambia)

"Look at my hands and you will be able to know that we are working hard here. Cotton farming is really hard and involving but look at what we get out of it! These people are really cruel because they don't want to listen. I grow cotton because I am able to sell after harvest, but I am hurt because I have to always cry when selling it".

"So please tell these people that we are not happy and they should at least listen to us. You can see, last season we did not have good rains and there is real hunger in the villages. I wish this show had been held in the villages, that way you could have seen how much we are suffering. If I had sold my cotton at a good price, I could be able to buy mealie meal from town because that's where food is found now! It's almost December now and you can see how dry it is. And if we do not have good rains this time then we expect no food, more people dying and all sorts of problems".

"We want to grow this crop; we can't stop because we need money. What we want is only a slight change in price, say a K2500 per Kg".

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