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Gender and trade

Gender and Development In Brief
Bridge Bulletin

January 2006, Issue 17

SARPN acknowledges BRIDGE and the Institute of Development Studies (IDS) as the source of these documents:
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In this issue:

  • Making trade work for gender equality

  • The story of the Uganda Women Entrepreneurs Association

  • The Women’s Edge Coalition trade impact review


Trade, trade policy and trade liberalisation have very different impacts on women and men due to gender roles and relationships of unequal power. An understanding of the relationship between gender and trade is critical in the current global environment. Trade policies and agreements are increasingly being linked to poverty reduction strategies, and have a massive impact on people’s daily lives. This issue of In Brief shows how development interventions can integrate an understanding of the links between gender and trade. It also looks at two of the key issues in debates around gender and trade: addressing gender-specific barriers to participation in trade and measuring the gender impact of trade. The Uganda Women Entrepreneurs Association has worked for over ten years to support business development and networking opportunities for women in Uganda. The Women’s Edge Coalition trade impact review (TIR) is a successful initiative designed to measure the impact of trade policies in different national contexts.

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