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2006 – 2007: People’s Budget

Proposal from COSATU, SANGOCO and SACC


Sponsored by the Foundation for Human Rights, South African Catholic Bishops Conference, South African Council of Churches and National Labour and Economic Development Institute

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2005 marks the 50th Anniversary of the Freedom Charter. The Freedom Charter provided a common set of demands and a vision for a democratic and nonracial South Africa. Fifty years later the courage of activists gathered in Kliptown for the Congress of the People still resonates in our society. The Freedom Charter reminds us that there is so much that binds all progressive people in South Africa who share a common view on the need for social and economic transformation.

The proposals we present here are our views on how the vision and intent of the Freedom Charter can be realised through fiscal policy. We are, however, conscious that development as a construct itself is contested, and we propose that progressive forces in our country congregate during 2005 in a format similar to the Congress of the People in order to recommit ourselves to the development challenges that we face.

In this spirit, our proposals are submitted one year in advance and target the 2006/2007 budget. During 2005 we will initiate discussions on our proposals, and call on all sectors in our society to discuss our proposals with us.

People’s Budget 2006 – 2007: Developmental financing package
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