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Reducing capital cost in Southern Africa

MartРЅn Grandes and Nicolas Pinaud


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This publication results from the Development Centre’s Programme of Work 2003-2004, in the context of its broader mandate to facilitate informal policy dialogue between the OECD and non-member countries. It is part of an OECD project entitled “Understanding Debt Costs in South Africa: What Policies Could Narrow the Spread?”


This volume is part of an OECD project entitled “Understanding Debt Costs in South Africa: What Policies Could Narrow the Spread?” which benefited from the generous financial support given to the Centre by the Swiss Agency for Development and Co-operation.

It draws on the discussions and presentations made at an experts’ seminar organised by the OECD Development Centre in Johannesburg on 25 and 26 March 2004. This meeting benefited from the support of generous local partners: the Bond Exchange of South Africa, Deutsche Bank South Africa, Rand Merchant Bank and the World Bank country office in South Africa.

The editors would like to thank all those who supported the project that gave rise to this volume, especially by organising the Johannesburg conference on 25 and 26 March 2004: Tom Lawless, Mark Raffaelli, Graeme Brookes, Barbra Graves, Gordon Smith, Dave Murray, Rudolf Gouws, Ettienne Le Roux, Carolynne Waterhouse, Joandra Griesel, Fayez S. Omar and Matthew Stern. They would also like to express their thanks to Brian Kahn, Greg Farrell, Brian Kantor, Carmen Marchetti, John Muellbauer, Janine Aron, Torsten Slok, Rob Davies, Helmut Reisen, Ulrich Hiemenz and Colm Foy for their comments and suggestions.

They also acknowledge participants in seminars at the 2003 Annual Meeting of the African Econometric Society, the TIPS 2003 Annual Conference, the 2004 OECD Experts’ Seminar on “How to Reduce Debt Costs in Southern Africa?”, the Nuffield College’s Macroeconomics and International Seminar and the South African National Treasury, for stimulating discussions.

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