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South Africa Civil Society Speaks: Summary based on civil society documents and submissions

Our goals and visions including a commentary on the South African Government Millennium Development Goals Country Report

Issued by the Peoples' Budget Campaign

September 2005

SARPN acknowledges SANGOCO as the source of this document -
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We are indebted to the leaders and members of COSATU, the SACC and SANGOCO. This report was made possible by the determination of a number of different civil society groups, including the Treatment Action Campaign, and the Global Campaign for Education, and the Basic Income Grant Coalition and networks such as Environmental Justice Network, Aids Consortium and Epilepsy South Africa, Women'sNet, Sangonet, Ecumenical Service for Socio-Economic Transformation, the Trade Strategy Group and committed individuals in civil society. The invaluable support of the secretariat of the Peoples Budget Campaign, NALEDI, deserves special mention.

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This summary has two parts. Part One provides an overview of the content of the goals, and the process around the drafting of the South African Government Report, while Part Two provides comment on the goals and indicators themselves. The full report contains far more detail on the goals than is set out in this summary.

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