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Report on the Civil Society Consultative Forum on Doha Development Agenda in Preparation for LDC and WTO Ministerial Conferences

Livingstone, Zambia

Consumer Unity Trust Society - Africa Resource Centre (CUTS-ARC), Civil Society for Trade Network Zambia (CSTNZ) and Organisation Development and Community Management Trust (ODCMT)

23-25 June 2005

SARPN acknowledges CUTS-ARC as the source of this document.
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Executive Summary

The Civil society Consultative Forum was held on the eve of the LDC Ministerial 23-25 June 2005 in Livingstone Zambia, at the Wasawange lodge and Tours. The workshop was organised by consumer Unity and Trust Society Africa Resource Centre CUTS-ARC, Civil Society Trade Network of Zambia (CSTNZ) and Organisation Development and Community Management Trust (ODCMT).

The main objectives of the meeting were to provide a proactive forum to brainstorm, lobby, and advocate for fair trade rules in the global system, to create an opportunity to advocate stakeholders' concerns pertaining to WTO negotiations and provide a platform for interaction and constructive dialogue on issues of concern to civil society organisations, private sector and policy makers, to prepare a focused and well thought out Declaration on civil society's views, as regards LDC perspectives, on the Hong Kong Ministerial and DWP Negotiations, to flag on priority issues to be considered by Ministers of LDCs and rich countries and achieving UN MDGs using trade as a tool for poverty reduction, to provide constructive inputs which would result in a balanced, development friendly and timely completion of DWP negotiations.

The meeting was attended by 75 representatives from 14 countries; participants were drawn from Non Governmental Organisations and non State Actors from across LDCs and non LDCs.

The meeting was called to order by Prof. Venkatesh Seshamani Chairperson, of the Host Country Steering Committee (HCSC) and officially opened by Mr. George Lipimile Executive Director Zambia Competition Commission and was latter addressed by Zambia's Minister of Commerce Trade and Industry, Hon Dipak Patel MP, who is also the Chair for the LDCs for 2005.

The meeting was organised in sessions, that included Presentations, plenary discussion, and group discussions. The meeting came up with a memorandum and a statement which were delivered by Mr. Stephen L. Muyakwa, Coordinator of Civil Society Trade Network of Zambia, to the LDC Ministerial Experts working on trade and development. Ms Irene Banda Executive Director for ODCMT gave a vote thanks, and the meeting proceeded.

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