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COSATU 3rd Central Committee

Esselenpark, Kempton Park

15-18 August 2005

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First Day – 15 August 2005
  1. Opening
    1.1 Attendance and credentials report.
    1.2 Welcoming guests
  1. Adoption of the CC minutes and resolutions of the previous CC held on the 14 - 16 April 2003
  1. Opening address by COSATU President Willie Madisha
  1. SACP message of solidarity by General Secretary Blade Nzimande
  1. Keynote address by ANC President Thabo Mbeki
  1. Lunch break
  1. Presentation of the political Report by the COSATU General Secretary, Zwelinzima Vavi
  1. Plenary debates on the Political Assessment and Political Activities Report
  1. Supper

Second Day - 16 August 2005
  1. Presentation of Organisational Assessment and Organisational Activities Report
  1. Central Committee break into five commissions focusing on:
    1. Dealing with the challenges of servicing of members
    2. Addressing the challenge of organisational discipline and internal democracy and worker control
    3. Revitalising the recruitment campaign
    4. Revisiting Organisational Development with the focus on:
      • Union finances and systems
      • Support for shop stewards, organisers and union staff
      • Systems
      • Education today
    5. Unity of the labour movement with the focus on:
      • Assessing movements towards cartels
      • Assessing movements towards super unions
      • Relationships with other trade unions towards one union one industry one country one federation
    Lunch break
  1. Plenary – report backs, debates and resolutions
  1. Supper and culture

Third Day – 17 August 2005


  1. Short-term, urgent demands for the Jobs and Poverty Campaign.
  2. Agreement on long-term vision for production and ownership that will generate sustainable employment creation and equity.
  3. Clear demands for each major sector of the economy.
  4. Stronger demands for effective institutional structures and processes to implement COSATU’s demands on industrial policy.
  5. A position paper for COSATU covering these issues, which would be published following the CC.

  1. Address by the Minister of Trade and Industry, Mandisi Mphahlwa
Introduction: background and aims 09:45-10:00
Input on industrial policy, which would define key COSATU positions, contrast them with those of business and the state, and identify progress, gaps and areas that need more work 10:00-11:00
Plenary discussion 11:00-13:00
The Central Committee breaks into ten commissions
  1. Engagement strategies – sectoral and provincial
  2. Engagement strategies – municipal
  3. The role of rural development and social protection and industrial policy.
  4. Competition policy and supply-side measures
  5. Trade policy and procurement
  6. The role of parastatals
  7. BEE
  8. Building the co-op movement
  9. Skills development and employment equity
  10. Moving toward decent work

Day Four – 18 August 2005
Plenary to receive report back from commissions 09:00–11:00
The Central Committee breaks into six commissions on sectors
  1. Mining, minerals and metals
  2. Other manufacturing (clothing and textiles, appliances, chemical, auto)- two
  3. Private services (finance, retail security etc)
  4. Infrastructure, housing and construction
  5. Public services (health, education, policing, welfare)
  6. Agriculture and food processing
Commissions continue 14:00-15:00
Report back 15:00–17:00
Closure 17:00-17:30

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