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SADC-CNGO: Civil Society Summit Programme


14-16 August 2005

Gaborone, Botswana

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Pre-summit (August 10-13, 2005)

August 10-14, 2005
  • Selected delegates arrive to attend and lobby during Senior Officials and Council of Ministers meeting
August 12, 2005
  • Arrival of organizing committee members to meet and consolidate issues for the management of the workshop
August 13, 2005
  • Arrival of all delegates
  • Registration & allocation of accommodation

Civil Society Summit (August 14-16, 2005)

Post-summit (August 16, 2005 - evening)
  • Launch of civil society guide

Civil Society Summit

Day One: Sunday August 14, 2005
Session Chair:
08h30 Welcome and introductions
Mr Ram Nookadee
SADC-CNGO President & Executive Secretary of MACOSS
08h45 Background and purpose of meeting
Mr Luckson Chipare
MISA Regional Director

Gender and SADC: Taking stock
09h00 Introduction of the Minister of Health
Ms Elsie Alexander, Chair, Botswana National Council of Women
09h10 Address from Minister of Health
Hon. Prof. Sheila Tlou, Minister of Health
09h30 From a Declaration to a Protocol: Accelerating Gender Equality
Justice Athalia Molokome, Botswana
09h55 Vote of Thanks
Ms Marty Legwaila, Head, Women's Affairs Division
10h00 Teabreak
10h30 Session Chair: Ms Tebatso Menyatso, Head of Policy, Women's Affairs Division

Panel: Audit of the SADC Declaration on Gender and Development
Report - 139Kb ~ 1 min
11h30 Panel presentation of the audit findings

Ms Colleen Lowe Morna, Gender Links/GEMSA

Women's Rights
Ms Sizakele Hlatswayo, WiLDAF

Violence Against Women and Children
Ms Janet Karim, GEMSA

Health and HIV/AIDS
Ms Lois Lunga, SAfAIDS, Executive Director

Gender and the Media
Ms Jennifer Mufune, MISA
12h30 Group Assignments
13h00 Lunch
Session Chair: Ms Rose Haji, MISA Tanzania/GEMSA
14h00-15h00 Working Groups

Decision Making
Ms Colleen Lowe Morna, Gender Links
Ms Tsitsi Matekaire, WIPSU

Education and Economic Empowerment
Ms Elsie Alexander, WiLDAF
Ms Susan Tolmay, Gender Links
View presentation - 370Kb ~ 2 min

Health and HIV/AIDS
Ms Lois Lunga, SAfAIDS
Ms Janet Karim, GEMSA

Information, Gender and the Media
Ms Jennifer Mufune, MISA
Ms Kubi Rama, SAGEM

15h30 Teabreak
16h00 Report back and way forward
Ms Rose Haji, MISA Tanzania/GEMSA
17h00 End of Day One
Day Two: Monday, August 15, 2005
08h30 Report on proceedings of Day One
09h00 Connecting with SADC Agenda through Heads of State
* SADC-CNGO to confirm presenter and Minister
10h00 Teabreak
Session Chair: Mr Sechele Sechele, SAEF, Botswana
11h00 Food Security and land reform from a gender perspective
Ms Abby Tuku Mugugu
View presentation - 173Kb ~ 1 min
11h15 Access to information in and through the media
Mr Kaitira Kandjii, MISA
11h30 Economic Justice
Mr Norman Tjombe
11h45 Elections in SADC
Mr Luckson Chipare , PEPSA
View presentation - 325Kb ~ 2 min
12h00 SADC Journalists Under Fire: Civil Society support
Ms Zoe Titus, MISA
12h30 Regional Overview of the Legislative framework for the operation of Civil Society in SADC
Mr Abie Ditlhake, General Secretary, SADC-CNGO
13h00 Lunch
14h00 Panel Discussions on Zimbabwe and Swaziland
Chair: Mr Abie Ditlhake, SADC-CNGO

Mr Muzi Masiku/ Mr Emmanuel Ndlangamandla (CANGO)

Dr Lovemore Maduku, Chairman, NCA

Mr Arnold Tsunga, Chairman, Lawyers for Human Rights

Ms Lucia Matibenga, Vice President, ZCTU

15h30 Teabreak
15h45 Plenary discussions and response from panelists
16h10 Observation and key emerging issues
Mr Abie Ditlhake, SADC-CNGO
16h20 Development of strategies for regional civil society (Swaziland and Zimbabwe)
16h40 Summary of issues, strategies and way forward
17h00 Videos on Zimbabwe
18h00 End of Day Two
Day Three: Tuesday, August 16, 2005
08h30 Report on proceedings of Day Two
09h00 Introduction to the Civil Society Guide
Mr Chris Landsberg
09h30 Discussions and comments
10h00 Teabreak
10h30 Commissions
Session Chair: Mr Ted Nandolo, CONGOMA

Commission 1: Regional Economic Development & Integration
Mr Steven Muyakwa

Commission 2: Engaging Regional & Continental Interstate Institutions:
Strategies and Approaches
Still to confirm

Commission 3: Governance: Consolidating Electoral Frameworks and Mandates
Dr Khabele Matlosa
View presentation - 67Kb < 1min

Commission 4: Building Regional Organizations & Peoples Movements
Mr Chris Landsberg
13h00 Lunch
14h00 Session Chair: Ms Mary Mwingira, TANGO
Commissions report to forum plenary

Consolidation of issues and strategies
  • Prioritization of issues, strategies and future agenda
15h30 Teabreak
16h00 Presentation and ratification of communiquй
Discussion and collective ownership of the statement
17h00 Official closing
Mr Abie Ditlhake, SADC-CNGO
17h10 End of Day Three
18h00 Launch of Civil Society Guide

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