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Malawi Economic Justice Network

Analysis of the 2005/06 Health Sector Budget

The Parliamentary Committee for Health and Population National Assembly, Lilongwe

Malawi Economic Justice Network

July 2005

SARPN acknowledges the Malawi Economic Justice Network as the source of this document.
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The Budget Analysis Report was prepared by the Malawi Economic Justice Network for the Parliamentary Committee on Health and Population in response to the 2005/06 Budget presented to the National Assembly on 10th June, 2005. The report is intended to assist the Members of the Committee and all the Honourable Members of the House to have a better understanding of the budget. The report covers budgetary allocations to the entire health sector including HIV/AIDS. Coverage of the report is therefore limited to the budget analysis and does not intended to cover all the activities that the Committee has done throughout the financial year.

The Ministry of Health is no longer responsible for the portfolio of “Population” which has gone back to the Ministry of Economic Planning and Development [MEPD]. This budget analysis is only for the Ministry of Health and the National AIDS Commission [NAC].

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