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Parliamentary Centre workshop report: microfinance as a strategy for poverty reduction

Parliamentary Centre

Ryalls Hotel: Blantyre, Malawi
31 May – 2 June 2005

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Workshop Background and Objectives

In pursuit of the priorities identified by the Women’s Working Group on Gender (WWGG), the Southern Africa workshop was the last of the three regional workshops. As a network that developed from an analysis of the NEPAD, it is logical that all three regional workshops have been on poverty reduction. The Southern Africa workshop was on Micro Finance as a Strategy for Poverty Reduction. The workshop brought together a total of thirty participants; two men Parliamentarians from South Africa, a man and a woman Parliamentarians from Zambia, three women Parliamentarians from Zimbabwe and one member of the civil society from Women in Politics Support Unit (WIPSU). The host country was represented by twelve parliamentarians, 10 women and two men; and members of the civil society from Malawi Economic Justice network as well as the Malawi Gender Network. The workshop objectives were:
  • To provide a forum for women Parliamentarians to take the lead in analysing the extent of gender based poverty
  • For participants to gain a shared understanding of micro finance as a strategy for poverty alleviation
  • To facilitate a forum for participants to share information about poverty reduction policies and initiatives in their respective countries
  • For participants to develop a strategy for collaboration with civil society organizations in fight against poverty

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