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Mozambique-Business Environment Assessment, 2004

Technical report

Nathan Associates

SARPN acknowledges the Development Experience Clearinghouse website as the souce of this report:
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Mozambique’s 8th Annual Private Sector Conference took place at the end of October 2004. In addition to deepening public-private dialogue on business environment and business development, the conference analyzed factors determining private sector-based economic growth in Mozambique and defined strategies to increase the sustainability, competitiveness, and productivity of Mozambican companies. Among impediments most frequently cited by the Mozambican business community are

  • Administrative barriers caused by legal and regulatory deficiency;
  • Application of existing legislation;
  • Lack of institutional capacity;
  • The related costs in frustration, discouragement, time and money; and
  • Productivity costs.
During recent years CTA has been engaged in intense dialogue with the government to eliminate or reduce barriers to investment and economic development. This study was commissioned to help resolve stalemates occurring as a result of the differing perceptions of the private sector and the government. It is hoped that with access to a large base of opinion, credible and technically sustainable data will be available so the private sector can confirm or reinforce its position, and so the government can compare and correct its operations. This study was therefore undertaken based on these objectives and with a view to gathering the opinions of the business community. The conclusions of the study should permit a clearer definition of business constraints in Mozambique as discussed during the 8th Private Sector Conference.

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