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Commission for Africa

Southern African Consultation

Intercontinental Lusaka, Zambia
13-14 December 2004

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SARPN to host Southern African civil society consultation

Lusaka, December 13/14 2004

As you will be aware, the Commission for Africa has been involved in discussions and compilation of documentation to crystallize the key issues affecting the development of Africa. This work carried out by the 17 Commissioners (and supported by a secretariat based in London) has international in its outreach. Far reaching consultations have been held with audiences overseas and now this same consultation has commenced in Africa. The CFA sees these consultations as being central to its work as it seeks to "generate action for a strong and prosperous Africa".

The proposed consultations which seek to listen to a wide range of African views on the Africa's development and, in particular, on the following factors thought to be central to Africa's development:

Human development: including health, education and gender
Growth & opportunity: encompassing investment, infrastructure, commodities, trade and access to markets
Natural resources: natural resources and livelihoods, natural resources based conflicts, management revenue from natural resources, climate change (recurring floods and droughts), energy
Governance: the APRM, bribery and corruption
Peace and security: conflict prevention, the role of the African Union and regional organisations, mediation, the role of external intervention, post conflict reconstruction, arms control, the role of aid in conflict prevention, the management of natural resources
Culture and inclusion: a cross cutting theme including issues around ethnicity, marginalized groups, HIV/AIDS, migration, religion etc.

Regional consultations have been planned in all four geographic regions of Africa each being organized by a body with the appropriate contacts in the relevant region.

The Southern Africa Regional Poverty Network (SARPN) has been asked by the Commission for Africa to conduct the consultation for the Southern Africa region. SARPN proposes to conduct the consultation in three phases, a consultation event (regional workshop), a pre-event phase of consultations and discussions and a post-event dissemination phase. The regional workshop will be held in Lusaka, Zambia, from 13-14 December 2004. The workshop will seek to deliberate on what it is that the international community can and must do in order to support the development of Africa.

Should you wish to know more about the Lusaka event or our pre-consultation processes, please e-mail your expression of interest to:

Organization Country Contact person E-mail
MACOSS Mauritius Mr Ram Nokadee +230 212 0242 +230 2086370
CANGO Swaziland Emmanuel Ndlangamandla +268 404 4721 +268 4045532
LECONGO Lesotho Seabata Motsamai +26622 317205 +26622 3102112 /
Cruzeiro do Sul - IID Mozambique Dr Prof. Josи Negrao +258 1493561 +258 82 307774

The official website of the Commission for Africa can be accessed at:

Material is available in both English and French on the website. Readers might be most interested in the recently released consultation document produced by the CFA which illustrates some some early thinking about the work of the CFA.

[Consultation document - 164Kb ~ 1 min (14 pages)]     [Documento de Consulta - 58Kb < 1min (14 pages)]

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