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Millennium Project
An enhanced strategy for reducing extreme poverty by the year 2015:
Interim report of the Millennium Project Task Force on Poverty and Economic Development

Coordinators: Mari Pangestu and Jeffrey Sachs

February 10, 2004

Comments are welcome and should be directed to: Gordon McCord at
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Note to the reader
This Interim Report is a preliminary output of the Millennium Project Task Force 1 on Poverty and Economic Development. The recommendations presented herein are preliminary and circulated for public discussion. Comments are welcome and should be sent to the e-mail address indicated above. The Task Force will be revising the contents of this document in preparation of its Final Task Force report, due December 2004. The Final Task Force report will feed into the Millennium Project’s Final Synthesis Report, due to the Secretary- General by June 30, 2005

This publication does not necessarily reflect the views of the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP), its Executive Board or its Member States.

Table of contents

Cover pages - 330Kb ~ 2 min (7 pages)

Chapter 1: Introduction - 133Kb ~ 1 min (4 pages)

Chapter 2: Diagnosis of poverty, growth and poverty reduction - 1.6Mb ~ 9 min (29 pages)

Chapter 3: Policy clusters for overcoming poverty traps - 170Kb ~ 1 min (10 pages)

Chapter 4: Operationalizing the millennium development compact: an enhanced strategy for meeting the MDGs - 309Kb ~ 2 min (27 pages)

Chapter 5: Applying the Enhanced MDG Strategy in Tanzania - 323Kb ~ 2 min (17 pages)

Bibliography - 113Kb ~ 1 min (6 pages)

Annex 1: Targeted Income, Safety Nets and Other Support for Vulnerable Groups - 153Kb ~ 1 min (5 pages)

Annex 2: Youth Employment Strategies - 199Kb ~ 1 min (5 pages)

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