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Women, HIV/AIDS, property rights and livelihoods in Zimbabwe

Held at IDS, University of Zimbabwe

The report was prepared by Lynn Walker, Kate Mhambi and Kaori Izumi

28 June 2004

Posted with acknowledgements to the Institute for Development Studies
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Opening: Dr Chimanikire, Director IDS

Dr Chimanikire opened the seminar by welcoming all participants on behalf of IDS and the PRF. The IDS has been working on gender issues since Independence and although there is still a long way to go, there has been progress in the policy environment. HIV and AIDS are now threatening to undermine the progress made.

Judith Kaulem, Poverty Reduction Forum (PRF)

The PRF has produced a number of flagship reports, the most recent of which is the human Development Report on HIV/AIDS. The report has taken a multi-sectoral approach and disaggregates the data in terms of gender. The report found that there are many responses to the AIDS situation in Zimbabwe but raises issues about the impact of these responses and whether interventions are cohesive and at the right levels. The report, therefore, has challenges for all sectors to take up the recommendations and coordinate efforts to maximize impact.

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