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Southern African Institute for Environmental Assessment

Quantitative analysis of poverty reduction strategy papers for poverty/environmental linkages and integration

Comments and questions to Peter Croal of SAIEA

September 29, 2003

Posted with permission of Peter Croal of the Southern African Institute for Environmental Assessment.
The author invites comments on the toolkit. Contact: peterc@saiea
SAIEA website:
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  • PRSP Context
  • Focus Issues
  • Causal Links Assessment
  • Response Systems
  • PRSP Development Process
General indicators of a PRSP that has integrated poverty and environment issues together:

  • Assets of the Poor
  • Opportunities to Use Assets
  • Enabling Conditions (barriers and links between assets and opportunities)
  • Macro Environment and Potential Crisis (remedial or preventative; regional, national or international level --> potential impact on the poor
  • Expected Results

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