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United Nations

The New Partnership for Africa's Development: first consolidated report on progress in implementation and international support

Report of the Secretary-General

7 August 2003

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The present report has been prepared in response to General Assembly resolution 57/7 of 4 November 2002, in which the Assembly requested the Secretary- General to submit the first consolidated report on the implementation of the resolution at its fifty-eighth session, and urged the international community and the United Nations system to organize support for African countries in accordance with the principles, objectives and priorities of the New Partnership for Africa's Development. The report highlights the actions taken by African countries in the implementation of the Partnership as well as support by the international community, including the United Nations system and the response of the private sector and the civil society. Africa's ownership and leadership of the Partnership represent an important and welcome reassertion of the principle of responsibility for its development. The international community's support is an important expression of international solidarity and partnership. Together, the principles of responsibility, solidarity and partnership are a formula for success. Even so, African countries and the international community must persevere and work together to build on the incipient momentum for the New Partnership for Africa's Development and to deliver on its promise.

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