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The role of civil society in the African Union and NEPAD

The workshop on the "Role of Civil Society in the African Union and Nepad" was held at the Eastern Boulevard Holiday Inn in Cape Town from June 19 to 20, 2003. It was organised by the Political Information and Monitoring Service of Idasa. The fifty participants were drawn from civil society, non-governmental organisations, universities, the South African Parliament and research institutes.

Six plenary sessions focused on the following themes:

  • The character of African civil society and its role in the political and economic renewal of Africa;

  • Practical co-operation between civil society and parliamentary structures working on the African Union and Nepad;

  • Civil society's advocacy function through structures of the African Union;

  • Mobilising and empowering rural communities and women's organisations for participation in the African Union and Nepad;

  • The African Peer Review Mechanism: An overview of the process and potential civil society interventions;

  • Exploring the constraints confronting civil society as it seeks to strike a partnership with governments and other key players on the African Union and Nepad.
During the second day of the workshop the participants were divided into two working groups to engage with the ideas that emerged from the presentations and to draw up strategies for civil society's meaningful engagement in the process of the African Union and Nepad. The following report summarises the presentations, discussions, questions, comments, proposals and follow-up commitments made by participants at the end of the workshop.

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