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Drivers of pro-poor change: an overview

Summary version

Alex Duncan, Hugh Macmillan, Neo Simutanyi

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Oxford Policy Management 6 St.Aldates Courtyard 38 St.Aldates Oxford OX1 1BN.

March 2003

Posted with permission of DFID (Zambia)
It should be noted that the views and analysis in this document reflect the views of the authors and do not express those of DFID (Zambia)
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Table of contents (Summary version)
Foreword and disclaimer
1. Introduction and approach
2. Development and poverty context
3. The Zambian state: characteristics and development impact
4. Drivers of pro-poor change: overview
5. The social, political and economic environment
6. Agents of change
7. Some practical implications
8. Concluding remark

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