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World Development Movement

Whose development agenda?

An analysis of the European Union’s GATS requests of developing countries

By Clare Joy and Peter Hardstaff

April 2003

Posted with permission of the World Development Movement. Website:
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This report is part of the World Development Movement’s (WDM) ongoing campaign to change the rules of international trade to benefit the poor and the communities in which they live, rather than benefiting the multinational companies of the rich, industrialised North.

The authors would in particular like to thank: Tim Jones, Mark Ellis-Jones and Dave Timms of WDM and Markus Krajewski (Kings College, London), Elisabeth Tuerk (Centre for International Environmental Law, Geneva), Martine Julsaint (South Centre, Geneva) and Sarah Sexton (Cornerhouse, UK) for their time and help in producing this analysis. The authors would like to gratefully acknowledge the significant contribution made by David Hall of Public Services International Research Unit (PSIRU) in analysing the EU’s requests.

The views expressed in this document are entirely the authors’.

This report is also available in Spanish and French from WDM’s web site.

WDM campaigns to tackle the root causes of poverty. With our partners around the world, we win positive change for the world’s poorest people. We believe that charity is not enough. We lobby governments and companies to change the policies that keep people poor.

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