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The path away from poverty: An easy guide to Zambia's PRSP

3. The PRSP Approach

A good plan must be realistic. If a budget is limited, only the highest priorities with the most impact should be selected. The PRSP has a limited budget, and its planning process involved many of these difficult choices. It contains only the most important and effective activities.

After much debate, the PRSP was focused on five key sections:
(underlined concepts)

The main purpose of the PRSP is to promote sustainable economic growth, and to improve social services and infrastructure.

The PRSP identifies HIV/AIDS, gender, and the environment as crosscutting themes that affect all other sectors.

The PRSP also promotes good governance and improved public sector management, which will provide an enabling environment for implementation.

The PRSP process has designed programmes in each of these underlined sections. The key areas for intervention are:

Economic growth
  Social investment
  Improved infrastructure
Transport & communication
Water & Sanitation

Cross cutting issues
  The Enabling Environment
Macro-economic policies
Good governance

The rest of this booklet describes the background and activities in each section.

The PRSP is a three-year plan from 2002 to 2004. During this time, the Ministry of Finance will be coordinating implementation and monitoring activities. Civil Society will be carrying out participatory monitoring activities. Monitoring will inform us of what is happening, so we can improve management or change the planned programmes as needed.

Poverty reduction cannot be completed in three years. After 2004, we will move forward to a second PRSP. This will be “stage two”, involving new activities that build on the successes of this first stage, and learn from any failures.

The total budget planned for the period 2002-2004 is US$ 1.2 billion.

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