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Mitigation of HIV/AIDS-Impacts through Agriculture and Rural Development
- success stories and future actions -

Human Sciences Research Council, Pretoria

Pretoria, South Africa, 27 - 29 May 2003

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Human Sciences Research Council, PretoriaPretoria, South Africa; 27 - 29 May 2003

Given the overwhelming response to their invitation,

  • FAO Sub-regional Office Southern Africa, Harare, ZIM

  • OXFAM-GB in Southern Africa, and

  • GTZ-SNRD, Africa (Sector Network Rural Development), Pretoria, SA
confirm hosting a Round-Table-Workshop in Pretoria, SA, from 27 – 29 May 2003.

The workshop will be held in collaboration with Southern African Regional Poverty Network (SARPN)

Taking up ideas, suggestions and comments forwarded to us, we would now like to suggest the following objective(s) for the workshop:

Overall objective:

Initiating a process of analysing success stories and defining future actions for the Mitigation of HIV/AIDS-Impacts through Agriculture and Rural Development.

To achieve this objective, the following targets/tasks are to be fulfilled:

  • Summarising the impact of HIV/AIDS on farm/households and communities and the theoretical recommendations/concepts for mitigation (setting the frame for mitigation) (Day 1)

  • Sharing knowledge and experiences on evidence based successes and problems of HIV/AIDS mitigation work in rural areas (reasons, gaps) (Day 1)

  • Analysing the lessons learnt and developing recommendations for best practises and instruments/guidelines for replication (group) (Day 2)

    Key issues: e.g. labour saving technologies, etc.

    Key levels of mitigation interventions

    • Practices/technologies at farm/household level

    • Community based approaches (responses by communities)

    • Institutional level: Service delivery arrangements (e.g approaches by extension services, markets, etc.)

    • Policy level, approaches for strategy development (structure for group work according to key levels)

  • Initiating of and committing to future action plans (fields for further research, programme proposals, networking, broader stakeholder involvement (e.g. conferences)) (Day 3)
We welcome confirmation of participation, but ask for your understanding when we limit the workshop size to around 30 participants.

We are also open to further comments, hints and suggestions and particularly invite offers on case study presentations – but only of tested evidence! - and appreciate thus the submission of an one-page outline for easier selection.

Please recall, that costs for the venue, lunches and coffee/tea/soft drinks will be borne by the organisers; all other costs will be for the participants account.

Vera Boerger
FAO, Harare,
Dan Mullins
Oxfam, Pretoria,
Klaus Pilgram
GTZ-SNRD, Pretoria,

Pretoria, March 6, 2003

Please contact:

Klaus Pilgram, SNRD-Secretariat, GTZ, Pretoria, SA
Tel: +27 (0) 12 3423537
Cell: 083 3279790
Fax: +27 (0) 12 3423510
1090, Arcadia Street, Hatfield, Infotech Building, Office 103A, P.O.Box 13732, Hatfield, 0028, Pretoria, SA

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