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Report of the International Conference on Poverty Reduction Strategy in Africa
A new imposed conditionality or a change for a meaningful development policy?

7th to 18th June 2002
Intercontinental Hotel, Lusaka, Zambia


Compiled by: Njunga Michael Mulikita
University of Zambia

SARPN acknowledges permission from the Lusaka office of the Friedrich Ebert Stiftung to publish this conference report
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Table of Contents
1.   Introduction
2.   Official opening
3.   Keynote speeches
  3.1 First keynote paper delivered by Dr. Mark Ellyne
  3.2 Second keynote paper delivered by Prof. Dr. Oliver Saasa
4.   Country Presentations
  4.1 Zambia
  4.2 Tanzania
  4.3 Malawi
  4.4 Mozambique
  4.5 Angola
  4.6 Ghana
  4.7 Madagascar
5.   Discussion
6.   Lessons from Country Reports
7.   Monitoring the Implementation of the PRSP—The Uganda Experience
8.   The Role of Parliament in the Implementation of the PRSP
9.   Panel Discussion
  9.1 Tanzania
  9.2 Economic Commission for Africa (ECA)
  9.3 Angola
10.   New Partnership for African Development (NEPAD)
11.   PRSP Implementation Matrix
12.   Conclusion
13.   Resolutions
   Programme - 27Kb < 1min (3 pages)
   List of Participants - 26Kb < 1min (5 pages)

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